World Pharmacists Day 2019

10 October 2019


This year, on the occasion of the World Pharmacists Day, The Faculty of Pharmacy has organized an outreach day on the 10th of October 2019 to promote the safe and effective use of medicines and supplements to its community and the surrounding one.

This special day, now in its fourth, was established by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2010 to encourage activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world.
Under the theme of: “Safe and Effective Medicines for All”,  faculty, senior students as well as PharmD students provided a broad range of services which included: Medication Therapy Management services for a broad range of common chronic conditions, screenings (BP, Blood sugar cholesterol), risk assessment (breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases) and counseling on herbal remedies. Patient education was core to some activities. It aimed at raising awareness on adult vaccination, antibiotic resistance as well as on some minor ailments. Advice on how to select and use skincare products to obtain optimal results was also provided.

The day ended with a celebration were all participants gathered to cut the cake.

The event was organized by Prof. Maha Abou Ela, dr. Lama Soubra, dr. Thuraya Doumiaty, and Mrs. Hanadi Jazi, under the directions of dean prof. Abdalla Ellakkany. All booths and booth materials were prepared by senior students in collaboration with the public relations department, and scientific content was reviewed by Prof. Maha Abou Ela, dr. Khaled Abed el Galil, Dr. Lama Soubra, Dr. Thuraya Doumiaty, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Hijazi.

“Medicines must go hand in hand with pharmaceutical expertise, or in other words, with pharmacists. This partnership is essential to the safe use of medicines.” Quoted Prof. Abdalla Ellakany, Dean of the faculty

“Pharmacists play a crucial role in safeguarding patient safety by improving medicines use and reducing medication errors. Today, more than ever, pharmacists should ensure patient safety as related to medicine use. We are trying to disseminate through the services provided in this day”. Quoted Dr. Lama Soubra, Assistant Dean

“This year, we tried to make this day a ground breaking event by expanding the spectrum of the provided services,” Quoted Dr. Soraya Doumiaty, Pharm D coordinator
“It is not about a day, but it is about a passion for serving people and preventing harm from medications and medication overuse” Quoted Dr. Rania Itani, Clinical Instructor

“We wait for this event each year impatiently to seek review of our medications” Quoted a participant

“I gained insights on how herbal remedies can be cure or harm at the same time if used without the proper advice of the pharmacist” Quoted a participant