Research proposals for first cohort of Master degree program in clinical pharmacy

20 January 2020


Students in the first cohort of our Master degree program in clinical pharmacy (MSCP) their research proposals on Monday 20/01/2020, , in front of a joint committee composed of faculty members from the departments of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacology and Therapeutics, in the presence of the Dean, Prof. Abdalla Ellakany.

The MSCP was developed in response to national and regional needs with the aim to provide an opportunity for advanced training in clinical pharmacy practice and research in 2015. This program got its formal accreditation from the ministry of education and higher education (MEHE) in 2016.

Successful completion of the Master in Clinical Pharmacy Program requires completion of 12 credit-hours of coursework in addition to 6 credit-hours research leading to a thesis. The general courses aim to provide students with the foundational theories of research, statistical methods, research, and writing techniques. The special core and elective courses are designed to provide students with the fundamentals to succeed in any clinical pharmacy setting and includes coursework in pharmacy practice, applied clinical pharmacy practice and patient care. The student should successfully complete the course work requirements. For the thesis, the candidate is required to conduct the literature review for their selected clinical topic, undertake the research, analyse the results, write a thesis and present the results at an oral defence.

Admission to the program is competitive. It requires passing successfully an interview with a committee composed of the Dean and members of the Pharmacy Practice Department, and a presentation of a clear personal goal statement from enrollment in this program, in addition to fulfilling the university postgraduate studies requirements.

“I am so proud of the pharmacy practice department achievements and of our students who enrolled in this program”, quoted the dean.

“It was a dream that come true. I am so happy and proud of what we did achieve. Today students have proven that they have acquainted the clinical and research skills are well prepared for conducting their research. Our deepest gratitude goes to the dean Prof. Abdalla for his unlimited support” quoted Dr. Lama Soubra

“I am so pleased with the quality of work they presented. I look forward to having them present their great work in international conferences. Thank you dr. Abdalla for the great support” quoted Dr. Mohamed Ezzat Amin.

“It was so challenging to present my proposal in front of the committee. Their comments and guidance were very valuable for me. I learned a lot of things and skills during the coursework and continue to learn in every encounter with the Faculty members. Enrolling in the MSCP was the best thing that happened to me in 2018!” quoted Shaza Alaeddine