Arabic Language and Literature

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Academic Staff

Chairperson Dr. Bashir Faraj

Part-time Lecturers Dr. Nayef Marouf, Dr. Ahmad Faris, Dr. Ghazi Yamout, Dr. Khalil Ajeena


The Department of Arabic provides enriching opportunities for learning, addresses new challenges and responsibilities in a demanding environment where quality is paramount, enables the personal development of individuals, and enhances critical thinking and learning for life and professional experience. This is achieved through providing a comprehensive program that qualifies students to achieve personal goals, aspirations and individuality.

Objectives •

Improve the educational process and enhance the students' academic knowledge •

Develop the students' linguistic and communicational skills •

Help students acquire literary and analytical skills in an environment that encourages interactive education and self-learning •

Develop students' sense of pride in the Arabic Language •

Develop students' ability to conduct cultural dialogues and open up to the Other


The Arabic Language and Literature department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Arabic Language and Literature department offers the following graduate programs: