Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, includes Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The scope of the three fields is sufficiently broad to give students different scientific backgrounds; a rewarding and challenging program of study. Pharmaceutical Microbiology provides different scientific related activities. These activities include: microbial tests and analysis, isolation and identification of micro-organisms in clinical specimen, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical dosage forms, in addition, it provides training programs in different issues related to: environmental contamination, pharmaceutical product contamination and their control. Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants includes separation and identification of bioactive compounds and studying their medicinal value. It includes the study of bioactive natural substances found in terrestrial and marine organisms (plants, animals and microbes). It also includes Phytochemical, chromatographic and spectral analysis of different extracts, tinctures of bioactive compounds and/or pharmaceutical preparations. Information on pharmaceutical medicinal plants and herbal medicines, drug herb indications, contraindications and misuse of herbs, guidelines of pharmaceutical care regarding the use of herbs and herbal products. The department offers advanced courses in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. This includes the structural formula and nomenclature of different pharmaceutically related organic compounds and pharmaceutical products approaching their physical and chemical properties in relation to biological activities and side effects. The significance of computer aided drug design is also undertaken.


The Pharmaceutical Sciences department offers the following graduate programs: