It's one of the library services that allow students to borrow an item from the library according to some rules and limitations.

Borrowers and limitations

Borrowers Category Number of items Loan period
Full-time faculty 5 4 weeks
Part time faculty 3 3 Weeks
Administrative staff 2 1 week
Undergraduate student 3 1 week
Postgraduate student 3 2 weeks

Borrowing /loan rules (it is currently available for full-time academic staff only)

  • It is requested to leave the book on the table after reading it.
  • Some items are not to be borrowed like: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, guides, and periodicals.
  • Renewing items are available once, unless if it is requested by another user.
  • Finally, a fine is imposed on any user who is returning an overdue item, in addition to other restrictions.

Visitors (not applicable for the time being)

  • Visitors Can benefit from BAU Libraries collection and services within the library by paying a non- refundable subscription as follow:
    • One day pass for 5,000 L.L.
    • One week pass for 15,000 L.L
    • One month subscription for 25,000 L.L.
    • 3 months subscription for 50,000 L.L.
    • 6 months subscription for 75,000 L.L.
    • One year subscription for 100,000 L.L.
  • Medical Libraries & Engineering Library collection is available for building use only.
  • When using The online databases, visitors should pay a monthly additional fees of 25,000 L.L