Research techniques

Research is a way to get information about any subject, in order to find new information and depth of knowledge and it urges students to use information sources and references.

Research Steps:

  • Identify the subject: select the theme, or browse the library catalog or the databases to choose the subject or the research problem. It’s is better to choose a specific or narrow subject to search about which is related to student courses.
  • Select the references: user must know the information resources that fit his needs and support his research; references can be in print format or electronic: books, encyclopedias, journals, databases….
  • Organize information: students must collect data and follow the research plan by selecting the title of the search, defining the research problem, writing the hypothesis , analyzing the collected data, writing the opinion and the conclusion in order to present the final results.
  • Reference list: the list contains the references and the information sources used. It might be in more than one language and provides bibliographic information.