Can users borrow books?

It depends on the circumstances, for that send an email to

Does the library have a specific book?

Users can search for the title on the online library catalogue

How to create an account on “online databases”, and E-Books?

  • Log In to I-connect --> library --> channel --> online databases --> create/register account (at the top of the page)
  • Use BAU email
  • Check this link for video tutorials related to the relevant online database
  • For E-books, few pages can be saved as pdf without account, otherwise “ adobe digital edition “ free software should be downloaded
  • Contact the e-resources librarian for further details

How to use “ online databases”?

What Are the Circulation Rules For postgraduate Students?

Answer: This service is temporarily not available

Does The Library Open On Fridays At The Prayers Time?

Answer: Yes It Does.

How can i create an account on Turn it in?

Answer: If you are professor or student, you will have to contact the E-resources administrator on she can create you an account.

How to unsubscribe to the library?

Users can benefit from Photocopying service as long as they do not infringe intellectual property rights (only 10% is allowed to be photocopied).

  1. Return your loaned books.
  2. Submit a clearance that you have no overdue items nor penalty
  3. Users can re-claim the insurance deposit at the end of the lending term or upon graduation.

How can I subscribe to the library?

Subscribing to the library services require a 100,000 L.L. deposit. Then the librarian registers user’s subscription via the integrated library systems. For more details please check this link

How can I search databases?

  1. Get I-connect username/password from the IT Department
  2. Go to the “library tab” in I-connect
  3. Choose the databases that matches your specialty
  4. Register/create account when you are in-campus

Why can’t I have access to full text articles?

To be able to access full text articles you have to register/ create your account on the specified database when you are in-campus and through I-connect.

How to cite my articles and references?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose APA Style, or MLA Style , or the style used by your faculty
  3. Choose the type or resources
  4. Fill in the information based on your used sources