Food, Drinks and Smoking Guidelines

  • Smoking Is Not Allowed in The Library.
  • Snacks Are Allowed in The Library.
  • The Library Allows Covered Drink Cups.

General Guidelines

  • Student Should Abide by Respecting the Librarian.
  • Student Is Committed to Use His Faculty Library, Except He Needs a Reference from Another Library, or His Library Doesn’t Meet His Needs.
  • Student Must Inform The Librarian about a Material that Being Damaged.
  • Group Study Is Not Recommended in the Library.
  • Library Is a Silent Mobile Zone.

Cyberspace Guidelines

  • The User is Able to be Connected to the Worldwide Internet Space Through Many Computers.
  • The User Is Expected to Inform The Librarian, If He Noticed any Damaged Device.
  • The User Can Photocopy (Due to Copyright Restrictions) or Print any Document.
  • The User Can Use His Own Laptop in The Library.
  • The User Can Use Sky Drive Account to Save His/ Her Data.
  • A Temporary File Might Be Saved, But Should Be Removed.
  • Computers Are Not Used for Chatting.
  • Downloading or Installation of any Program Is Not Allowed.