Library Classes (training & skills workshops)

As a part of the Information Literacy Program, BAU Libraries provide its students By Library Classes’ sessions at the beginning of each academic year.

The covered topics in these sessions are the following:

  • How To Search The Library Catalog
  • How To Search The Online Databases
  • How To Search The Open Access
  • How To Cite Information Resources
  • Turn it in: Plagiarism tool
  • EDS: EBSCO discovery service that enable user to search in all the databases at the same time.
  • Mendeley: Citations tool .

Click here to download the library classes form.

Library Facilitator Email
Human Sciences Dr. Suzanne Zahr
Iyad Zarzour
Law & Political Sciences Zeina Younes
Business Administration Mohammad Al Daouk
Architecture - Design & Built Environment Manar Damaj
Engineering Racha Fawaz
Pharmacy Dina Alaywan
Medicine Nabila Halwani
Dentistry Hiba Kaddah
Health Sciences Nabila Halwani
Tripoli Libraries Denise Francis