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To inspire academic staff to continue embarking on their research path and to motivate the University research plan in conformity with the University’s strategy for 2013–2020, Beirut Arab University awards incentives for scientific research annually.

Researchers’ Incentive Program Requirements

  1. Applicants should be members of the academic staff at Beirut Arab University at the time of applying for incentives.
  2. The applicant should indicate Beirut Arab University as his/her only affiliation.
  3. Applicants should not have already received other incentives for the applied work.
  4. The research should be conducted during the applicant’s employment at BAU.
  5. Research eligible for the incentive program is to be published in the same year of applying for the incentive.
  6. Researchers are entitled to apply for an incentive once every two years.
  7. Applicants should be committed to fulfill their educational, administrative, and community duties inside and outside the University.
  8. Applicants should provide all the documents that assert their journal publications, book publications, or patent acquisition.