BAU “Dardacha Talks”

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14 October 2019


The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research at Beirut Arab University, hosted the “Dardacha Talks” event, which is an initiative by the Dynamic Actions for Women in Research and Knowledge observatory (DAWREK’N). The event aimed at highlighting the academic potential of female researchers in Lebanon and to discuss the latest scientific discoveries they have achieved.
BAU President, Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, praised the role of the National Council for Scientific Research, CNRS, in supporting scientific research in Lebanon and noted the importance of collaborating with different parties for the advancement of scientific research. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research also gave a speech in the commencement of the event and thanked the CNRS and Dr. Tamara El Zein for having the initiative and for choosing BAU to host the Dardacha Talks. Prof. Hania spoke about the importance of highlighting the role of women in scientific research, in addition to their role in society and the positive impact women have in the economic, social and political life. Prof. Hania also noted the importance of advocating any initiative that sheds light on the academic and research achievements of women since the role of women is known to be marginalized in history.
Dr. Tamara El-Zein, Director of DAWREK’N Observatory and Director of the PhD Fellowship Program at the National Council for Scientific Research, also spoke about the importance of supporting the role of women, especially PhD holders in order for them to reach higher levels in academic career position and to harvest their scientific potential. A statistical study conducted by DAWREK’N showed that compared to men with the same degree, women are less prevalent than men in higher academic ranks (such as Dean or President) and that men dominate these positions. Whereas the percentage of women is comparable to the percentage of men in lower positions or when comparing PhD student percentages.
Dr. Elise Njeim, Director of the Grant Research Program at the National Council for Scientific Research, and Ms. Ramzah Jaber Saad, Deputy Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO also attended the event. Deans of BAU Faculties, Faculty members, students from Beirut Arab University and dignitaries from Universities also attended the event. Sixteen researchers from Beirut Arab University and various Lebanese universities, along with guest speaker Rola Douglas, researcher at Saint Joseph University and journalist at L'Orient le Jour, presented their research and their findings within the framework of the friendly “Dardacha Talks” chat; which allowed for delivering important scientific and research ideas and findings to an interested audience.
BAU "Dardacha Talks" served its role in highlighting the scientific research carried out by the female researchers; their findings and their discoveries served as "Science Detox" where the truth to scientific facts were underlined, and the association of these research discoveries with some popular Lebanese proverbs was addressed. Thus, the event allowed for making the scientific research of seventeen women presenters be more relatable, and that was basically the main theme of the event.